Cold Seeps, Chemosynthetic Communities

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A cold seep is an ocean floor area closely associated with naturally seeping methane gas, hydrogen sulfide, and hydrocarbon-rich fluid(petroleum, aka crude oil). Note; all of these are deadly poisons to most earth organisms. Cold seeps normally occur in deep water, but are not limited to those areas. Cold seeps should not be confused with Hydro-thermal vents, which are super-heated, chemically-rich, vents, which also support communities of life with normally toxic elements(mostly sulfur related). Cold seeps are...cold, seeping hydrocarbon-based gas and liquids are food for the living organisms. Cold seeps were first discovered in 1983 in the Gulf of Mexico. Other cold seeps have been found off the coasts of Japan, California, Costa Rica, Africa, Alaska, and Antarctica. (ref.)

Chemosynthesis is a process not unlike photosynthesis, but without sunlight. Chemosynthetic communities are often closely associated with cold seeps, as well as hydro-thermal vents, when they occur below 950 feet. Chemosynthetic Communities were first discovered in 1977 and, "This discovery shook the foundations of marine biology. It was called by some, the most important biological discovery of the 20th century."

Petroleum seeps
are a naturally occurring feature. There are thousands in California. The best estimate for North America is 160,000 tonnes/per year. 90% of which is in the Gulf of Mexico. That equals 42,336,000 gallons of naturally leaking oil, in the Gulf. PER YEAR!

"More than 50 communities are now known to exist." "Although a systematic survey has not been done to identify all chemosynthetic communities in the Gulf of Mexico, there is evidence indicating that many more such communities may exist."

Ok, here's the point. Oil is a natural product of the Earth, it just comes bubbling out of the ground all over the place. Deep water communities depend on this leaking oil as an energy source in water depths where the sun doesn't shine. Every year these communities consume dozens of times more than the busted pipe from BP Deep Horizon can possibly spew, right there in the Gulf of Mexico, and they have been for thousands of years, if not millions. Yes, collect as much of the oil on the surface as possible, but quit the panic about the pristine beaches and wetlands, the Earth already has a system of recovery.

There are some neat pictures available here.

If you have a month to kill, and several billion brain cells you no longer care about, here is the official (warning it's a PDF)Gulf of Mexico OCS Oil and
Gas Lease Sales: 2007-2012, Vol. 1, all 788 pages of it
. It is the official environmental impact statement from the former office of MMS

Something a little less taxing is Volume 2 of that report which has the figures and tables, it's only 170 pages.

Something to notice in this report is that the only area subject to even being researched is about 1/4 of the Gulf in the North West corner from the Texas/Mexico border to the Florida state line.

There, that should keep someone busy for a while, I know it did me.

Mark this word ... Ixtoc

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 3, 1979. The exploratory well Ixtoc 1 blew out in 160 feet of water in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico. between 10,000 and 30,000 BARRELS of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico until it was capped on March 23, 1980. From August 6, 1979 to September 13, 1979 oil washed ashore on all parts of the South Texas coast line, 600 miles away. There was a common storm from Sep 13-15 which removed most of the oil. Apparently there was no further problem at the beaches. One bird was found dead. (NOAA reference)

3.3 million barrels of oil were released by Ixtoc 1, over a period of ten months. "Natural oil that seeps from the seabed releases the equivalent of one to two supertankers of crude in the Gulf of Mexico each year." "After two years, the conditions were really almost normal." (Ref)

So where am I going with this. 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation. (USGS report April 10,2008)

Oil is a natural product of the Earth. Why are we digging holes a mile under the water when there is plenty of oil in the Plains? Glowbull warming. Why are we fighting wars in oil rich countries who hate us when there is plenty of oil in our own yard? Glowbull warming. Why are we sending money to countries who want to kill us? Glowbull warming.

In next post, Cold Seeps and Chemosynthesis Communities.

Global Warming Proof

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I, Eric, have personally interviewed 3 individuals about the issue of Anthropogenic Global Warming, and now will provide for you definite unquestionable answers to all questions that may be asked in the future.

1: Was there global warming, or cooling before humans?


2: Will there be global warming, or cooling after humans?


3: Do humans have anything to do with sunspots?


Well, there it is. Three questions, three answers. Oh.

The three people I interviewed were, Me, Myself, and I.
I challenge anyone to prove the answers wrong.

Percentage Points

Monday, April 5, 2010

Before I get too crazy in the actual factiness of my ranting about the hoax which is the politico-consenso-eco-religion that has become Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGP), I would like to fix a little flaw that I see in how numbers are represented with the percentile symbol(%).

One percent is expressed as 1%, as in one part per 100. One part per one hundred would be the same, as in 1/100, which is 0.01 on any calculator(divide 1 by 100).

Yes, I understand that the % sign is an expression of "divided by 100" in economics, politics, opinion, and consensus; however, in science it is an actual numerical expression.

Therefore when I say 1 part in 1,000,000 - I am referring to 1/1,000,000 which is 0.000001 on any calculator. Which is one-millionth of one percent. 1:1000000.

I wouldn't mention this, but so few people understand that even though they think they understand that 60% of 100 is 60, they have no idea that 60% of 1/1000 is 0.0006.

And with that; the percentage of CO2 in our atmosphere is 360 parts per million, which equals 360/1000000 which equals 0.00036%. There is no need to change the number of zeros when you add the percent symbol. This is not economics, politics, religion, consensus, or opinion, this is science.

I want to clear that up, and get it straight before I begin destroying the politico-consenso-eco-religion that is human caused global warming. Science is NOT politics, religion, opinion, consensus or economics.

Science is FACT.

Iceland Volcano Proof Of Global Warming

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Man, those pictures of that volcano erupting in Iceland are totally cool, huh? Well, you're wrong. It's a disaster of untold magnitude. Why can't you see past the awesome beauty of nature, to realize the only reason for that massive bleeding gash in Mother Earth is the anti-ecological policies of George Bush?

That's right. Bush didn't sign the Kyoto Accord, and the cascade effect has ruptured the skin of Gaia. Noxious, greenhouse gases are roiling out into the atmosphere, causing hurricanes, tornadoes, massive drought, flooding, cooler temperatures, global warming, unseasonal calm, high winds, and dead fish falling from the sky! Damn you George Bush. Damn you.

The glaciers are melting in Iceland, and it's only a matter of time before we all drown.