Percentage Points

Monday, April 5, 2010

Before I get too crazy in the actual factiness of my ranting about the hoax which is the politico-consenso-eco-religion that has become Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGP), I would like to fix a little flaw that I see in how numbers are represented with the percentile symbol(%).

One percent is expressed as 1%, as in one part per 100. One part per one hundred would be the same, as in 1/100, which is 0.01 on any calculator(divide 1 by 100).

Yes, I understand that the % sign is an expression of "divided by 100" in economics, politics, opinion, and consensus; however, in science it is an actual numerical expression.

Therefore when I say 1 part in 1,000,000 - I am referring to 1/1,000,000 which is 0.000001 on any calculator. Which is one-millionth of one percent. 1:1000000.

I wouldn't mention this, but so few people understand that even though they think they understand that 60% of 100 is 60, they have no idea that 60% of 1/1000 is 0.0006.

And with that; the percentage of CO2 in our atmosphere is 360 parts per million, which equals 360/1000000 which equals 0.00036%. There is no need to change the number of zeros when you add the percent symbol. This is not economics, politics, religion, consensus, or opinion, this is science.

I want to clear that up, and get it straight before I begin destroying the politico-consenso-eco-religion that is human caused global warming. Science is NOT politics, religion, opinion, consensus or economics.

Science is FACT.


Les James said...

Lies! Lies! Science is consensus! The politicians (and Al Gore) have said so. Don't try to confuse the common folk with your "facts". We are smart enough to know that we are NOT smart enough to know, so we elect those who are.

Take all your little zeros, and crawl back under your rock.

Eric said...

HA! See how smart I are? I got those little zeros while spending all those years under my rock. Sending me back there will likely just learn me to add more. And trust me after watching the Zero in the White House, I have learned how to manipulate numbers real good.