Mark this word ... Ixtoc

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 3, 1979. The exploratory well Ixtoc 1 blew out in 160 feet of water in the Bay of Campeche, Mexico. between 10,000 and 30,000 BARRELS of oil spewed into the Gulf of Mexico until it was capped on March 23, 1980. From August 6, 1979 to September 13, 1979 oil washed ashore on all parts of the South Texas coast line, 600 miles away. There was a common storm from Sep 13-15 which removed most of the oil. Apparently there was no further problem at the beaches. One bird was found dead. (NOAA reference)

3.3 million barrels of oil were released by Ixtoc 1, over a period of ten months. "Natural oil that seeps from the seabed releases the equivalent of one to two supertankers of crude in the Gulf of Mexico each year." "After two years, the conditions were really almost normal." (Ref)

So where am I going with this. 3 to 4.3 Billion Barrels of Technically Recoverable Oil Assessed in North Dakota and Montana’s Bakken Formation. (USGS report April 10,2008)

Oil is a natural product of the Earth. Why are we digging holes a mile under the water when there is plenty of oil in the Plains? Glowbull warming. Why are we fighting wars in oil rich countries who hate us when there is plenty of oil in our own yard? Glowbull warming. Why are we sending money to countries who want to kill us? Glowbull warming.

In next post, Cold Seeps and Chemosynthesis Communities.